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MEIDAI's insatiable challenge as a development-oriented company

MEIDAI Co. Ltd. completed the development of Tetras®, tetra-axial fabrics after long years of development at an enormous cost. It was intended to overcome the weakness of the conventional bi-axial fabrics which are easily pulled to diagonal directions.
Attempts were made to create the tetra-axial fabrics by making two more threads diagonally cross-woven but it was a continuous process of much meandering before succeeding in this epoch-making product. In the first stage series of basic research based on hand-woven fabrics were accumulated for the purpose of stable production of the tetra-axial fabrics. In developing the weaving machine for the tetra-axial fabrics, free creative thinking and the past experiences were integrated, solving problems one by one.
MEIDAI now has secured a stable production of Tetras. Besides these visible new technologies there are many others that have supported MEIDAI's product manufacturing. Most of its production facilities such as “Extension-set machine” are MEIDAI's original machines either newly developed or improved. The basic philosophy is “a new production line for a new product.” The motto of the company is to “meet any need of the users,” which in fact has been backed by its superior development capability since the inception of the company.


Company name MEIDAI Co. Ltd.
President and
Representative Director
Toshitsugu Ogahara
Head office and main plant 484-1 Sobara, Kurashiki-shi Okayama-ken 710-0146
Inauguration July 1963
Establishment July 1968
Capital Ten million yen
Product lines Tetra-axial fabrics "Tetras®," all sorts of belt slings, thinly woven fabrics and widely woven fabrics


· July 1963 the First Representative Director, Mr Akira Ogahara inaugurated a textile manufacturing business.
· July 1968 MEIDAI Chemical Co. Ltd. was established with the capital of five million yen.
· March 1975 the Company started selling belt slings for general use "LOCKSLING®"
· October 1974 the Company commercialized belt slings.
· January 1976 the Company developed chemical-proof "PP LOCKSLING®"
· May 1981 the Company developed the weaving machine for "rough density fabrics" and started selling the products.
· February 1982 the Company started developing "SOFTER LOCKSLING®"
· August 1982 the Company developed "Belt extension machine" and introduced in the production.
· March 1985 the Company started manufacturing the special wide-and-thick fabrics.
· March 1987 Michihiro Ogahara took the office of President and Representative Director.
· June 1988 the Company developed the world's first "weaving machine for tetra-axial fabrics."
· July 1992 the company name was changed to MEIDAI Co. Ltd.
· March 1993 MEIDAI started selling "MUGEN LOCKSLING®" for lifting extra heavy products.
· November 1994 MEIDAI started selling the heat-resistant sling "TECHNOLA® LOCKSLING®".
· November 1996 MEIDAI opened the Tokyo office.
· March 2003 MEIDAI received a recognition under "the SME Creation Activity Promoting Law."
· October 2003 MEIDAI registered the brand trademark of tetra-axial fabrics "Tetras®."
· October 2003 MEIDAI started selling "Tetras®."
· October 2003 MIZUNO Co. Ltd. adopted the use of "Tetras®" for their products of tennis rackets.
· March 2004 MIZUNO Co. Ltd. and Mamiya-OP Co. Ltd. adopted the use of "Tetras" for their golf shafts.
· September 2005 Pioneer Corporation adopted the use of "Tetras®" for its vibration boards of car audio speakers.
· January 2009 Michihiro Ogahara took office as Chairperson Representative Director.
· January 2009 Toshitsugu Ogahara took office as President-Director.
· February 2009 FUJIKURA RUBBER Ltd., adopted the use of "Tetras®" for their golf shafts.
· March 2009 MEIDAI started selling "LOCKSLING®SIGMA"corresponding to the fourth class of the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS).


· March 1990 the Company received the grant of using the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS).
· October 2006 MEIDAI received the certification of ISO9001:2000.
· February 2017 Attestation acquisition Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS8818:2015).
· February 2017 Attestation acquisition Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS8811:2015).


· March 1998 MEIDAI received an Award for Machine Development as a Central Manufacturer of Small-and-Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
· May 2000 MEIDAI received the recognition of Single Distinguished Manufacturer of Kurashiki City.
· May 2005 MEIDAI received the "Director Award of Economic and Industry Office of Chugoku District" and "Grand Prize of New Business in the Chugoku Region."
· April 2006 MEIDAI was selected as one of Japan's 300 Dynamic Manufacturing SMEs.
· August 2007 MEIDAI received Chugoku Region prize of economy and industry of The 2nd time manufacturing Japanese jackpot.
· January 2015 MEIDAI received GRAND PRIX of Okayama-ken management innovation award.
· January 2016 MEIDAI received Nikkankogyo Shinbun Co. prize of The 33rd time Excellent proprietor honors.